Philip A Bishop

As for my photography, my ambition is fueled by the wonderful people that make this city great. Whether you are just browsing photos, looking to add KC art to your house or business, or have a story for me to tell through photography, I hope you reach out. 

I f%#king love Kansas City. Okay, let's back up just a bit. I used to claim to be from California because, well technically I am, born in Santa Rosa, just north of San Francisco. Having moved to Salina, KS when I was three and growing up there, being from California was definitely higher on the cool scale. After college, my wife and I moved to Kansas City. My love for KC wasn't instant. I think it's similar for anyone that moves to a new place, it takes time to become familiar enough with new surroundings before a connection is made. Over the past ten years Kansas City has revamped and reinvented itself making this connection inevitable. There has always been a great foundation but in these past ten years KC feels different. A sense of pride was building. People outside of KC also started to take notice; ranking on best places to live lists, more and more articles and news features came out. My wife and I would get out occasionally for dinner or an event but I never felt like we took advantage of what was here. In the spring of 2015, I set out to change this and be a part of the city. Along the way I began taking photos of what I saw and posting them. Three things became apparent over this time: I'm a photographer, I love inspiring people to get out and be apart of our city and that I AM FROM KANSAS CITY. 



Phil Bishop